Reaching the villages of northern Thailand


Since 1990, the Integrated Tribal Development Program has been reaching the poor hill tribe communities in northern Thailand. Our holistic approach focuses on improving communities in many aspects of life, including clean water, sanitation, agriculture, education, health, and cash crops. We believe this approach to be the most effective kind of development, because it allows us to work with communities beyond a single project. ITDP also partners with international and local work teams from many countries.

Below you will find each of our project break down and costs.


Water Resource and Sanitation (WRSDP)

The goal of the water resource and sanitation project is to improve the general health of the hill tribe people by assisting in the prevention of water and soil borne diseases. ITDP supports the construction of clean drinking water systems and bathrooms/latrines. The availability of water resources also provides communities an opportunity to increase agricultural yields, as well as set up fishponds where space is available. Gardens are also established for each family.

Construct village water supply system: $6,000
Construct latrines for the whole village (each family): $4,000
Gardens for each family and/or fishponds: $1,000
Training: hygiene, sanitation, watershed management, and gardens: $1,000
Approximate total cost: $12,000

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Education and Social Development (ESDP)

Many villages are in remote areas and most of the children do not have access to schools. ITDP assists in constructing schools, hiring teachers, and purchasing equipment and supplies. Education provides the children/students an opportunity to gain citizenship so they can further their potential and be better accepted into Thai society. All education work is done in coordination with the local government. This project also helps construct community health clinics, provides training in disease prevention and proper nutrition, and assists in the hiring, training and management for the clinic. To help fund the social and educational development of the villagers, ITDP has created a community sponsorship program.

For information on how to donate to our community sponsorship program, please visit our partner non-profit organization Lanna Coffee USA >>

Construct School w/Materials & Supplies (3 villages): $50,000 (one time cost)
Construct Medical Clinic w/Materials & Supplies (3 villages): $40,000
Child Sponsorships: $40/month or $480/year

*For more information on adopting a school and/or school construction project please contact ITDP. Cost can vary depending on the grade level the school will reach and how many years ITDP needs to manage it before turning it over to the government.

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Agricultural Extension and Marketing (AEMDP)

Through agricultural and micro-enterprise, hill tribe families are provided funds and taught practical skills, enabling them to be self-reliant. The villagers have continued to apply what they have learned, greatly improving their own quality of life. ITDP has implemented projects that assist villagers in the areas of livestock, fisheries, cash crops, handicrafts and village store co-ops.

Establish micro-enterprise (approx. one village): $18,000
Motorcycles to reach village: $2,000
Approximate total cost: $20,000

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Thai Tribal Arabica Coffee Production and Marketing Cooperative (TTACPMC)

ITDP created the first fair trade co-op in Thailand. The project provides proper training, tree-seedlings and equipment to resource-poor farmers in order to have standards that can reach international markets. The coffee is sold and roasted through our Chiang Mai-based outlet Lanna Café and its USA branch Lanna Coffee. In addition, our co-op sells green beans to local and international markets, such as Starbucks. To understand more about ITDP’s work with Thai Highland Arabica coffee, visit Lanna in Thailand >> or in the United States >>

Coffee seedlings: $1,000/Acre/Family
Coffee pulper: $1,200
Coffee pulper with building: $3,000
Coffee hulling machine: $4,000
Approximate total cost for a Coffee Station in one village – all equipment – not counting seedlings: $10,000

(This would be suitable for a village that is already in production but are not able to process the coffee due to lack of equipment and therefore have to sell their cherries to middlemen at a lower cost).

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