All of our staff come from hill tribe villages in and around northern Thailand. They understand the needs that remain in their communities and are committed to the different projects that provide villagers with opportunities that they would not normally be given.

Michael Mann,

Michael is a 2nd generation Missionary and has lived in Thailand for over 40 years. He started ITDP in 1991 with the hope of reaching the poorest of the poor in the hills of northern Thailand.
Mr. Boonchu,
Project Manager

Boonchu thumbnailMr. Boonchu is from the Karen tribal group and is ITDP’s Thai Tribal Highland Arabica Coffee Production and Marketing Cooperative (TTACPMC) Director. He has been with ITDP for 9 years.
Mr. Rom,
Project Manager

Rom thumbnail
Mr. Rom is from the Lahu Tribal group and ITDP’s Water Resource and Sanitation Project (WRSDP) Director.
Mr. Somsak,
Project Manager

Somsak thumbnail
Mr. Somsak is from the Karen tribal group and has been working with ITDP for seven years. Mr. Somsak is ITDP’s Education and Social Development (ESDP) Director. He believes that education needs to be available to everyone, and is dedicated to making schools accessible to children in remote areas.
Mr. Preecha,
Project Manager

Preecha thumbnail
Mr. Preecha is from the Karen tribal group and is ITDP’s Agriculture Extension and Marketing Development Project (AEMDP) Director.

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